Care Perspectives, Inc.

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Care Perspectives, Inc.
1503 South Main Street
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
Phone: 908-859-8500
Fax: 908-859-5151

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We are all bound to each other in recognition of the familiar circumstances of our lives.

The mission all our staff ascribes to is simply to make a positive difference in the lives of residents, clients, families and staff. This is accomplished through a participatory management style rooted in intensive education; unit based training and continuous quality improvement.

Care Perspectives, Inc. Philosophy

Care Perspectives believes each long-term care facility, each unit within the facility, and each healthcare agency is a unique entity. Residents, family, and staff, who live, visits, and work within the facility or agency, are individuals each with their own knowledge, perceptions, and needs. Recognizing this, our company works to identify distinct traits of each person to assure the provision of the highest quality of care and enhancement of quality of life.

Staff of long-term care facilities and healthcare agencies must have the skills to apply Gerontological principles to provide individualized care to those they care for. Preserving dignity and motivating individuals to seek new experiences, achieve new goals and maintain a purpose in life, regardless of functional or cognitive ability, are the primary tasks confronting caregivers and managers.

Care Perspectives staff ascribe to the mission of simply “making a positive difference in the lives of residents, clients, families, and staff.” This goal is accomplished through a participatory management style rooted in intensive education, unit-based training, education moments, and continuous quality improvement.

Through open communication and direct observations of the provision of care we are able to understand the problems staff confront on a daily basis. CPI associates look at what is happening with the picture and seek staff input to improve systems and processes creating a sense of ownership and assuring implementation of needed changes. In addition, CPI associates are trained to identify facility strengths and utilize these to further enhance care and services.

Over the years Care Perspectives Inc. has provided interdisciplinary consulting and management services in many nursing homes and assisted living facilities, adult medical day care centers, and also to Home Health Agencies and Centers for the Developmentally Disabled. In addition, we have conducted numerous seminars and education programs locally and nationally. Our success is the direct result of an interdisciplinary team approach.