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Care Perspectives, Inc.
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Online In-Service Programs

Select from an extensive library of programs for all your facility staff.

Have you ever wished you could:

  • lower your facility’s training costs;
  • improve your level of regulatory compliance;
  • or provide your staff with consistent level of  high quality training?

Well, now you can.  Care Perspectives brings over 20 years of senior care consulting and education to an online platform to meet your needs.

Your staff can now receive standardized in-service training and gain valuable continuing education credits, 24 hour hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our online training programs will help you provide your entire staff with valuable learning and licensed staff members will be able to earn continuing education credits as they complete their in-service requirements!

A key strength of our enjoyable and informative training programs is the cost savings for your facility.   More knowledgeable employees will be better prepared to provide safer care and services resulting in improved satisfaction and ultimately a higher level of quality of care and life for your residents.  Let us help you improve your employees’ training experience!

Care Perspectives online training programs will help you improve employee retention, provide a quick and convenient learning environment for new hires and improve the quality of the care your residents receive. Designed with the end user in mind courses are available in both English and Spanish text with English audio and our mascot Rosie provides hot tips and solutions to real life issues your staff encounter on a daily basis.

Our online learning management system utilizes teaching methods we have developed and refined in our many years of senior care training and consulting.  These methods help to build staff expertise in key areas of facility operations. The engaging interactive format and case studies and stories that demonstrate proper care techniques enhance the staff’s learning experience. To ensure quality learning is taking place, our courses are timed and must be completed in their entirety to gain credit. 

In addition to providing your staff with great educational tools, we have designed a complete reporting system for your administrators to use to track and manage employee participation. Our easy to use employee tracking reports allow you to quickly ensure all regulatory compliance mandates are being met.

Individual and aggregate reporting tools provide you with an instant analysis of staff participation.  Pre and post test scores can be evaluated at a glance so you can measure learning and judge knowledge improvement.  These reports will help you manage and coach your team toward better individual  and group performance.

At Care Perspectives we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of those we work with and support.   We seek to empower residents, their families and staff members through in depth education and training – the hallmark of our services. 

New courses are continuously being added to our library so be sure to check weekly.

We appreciate you taking the time to consider our program and look forward to helping you achieve your staff training goals.  Please contact us to discuss the ways Care Perspectives online programs can help you improve your facility’s performance.