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Care Perspectives, Inc.
1503 South Main Street
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
Phone: 908-859-8500
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Online Education Overview

Over 20 Years of Training Experience

Care Perspectives has provided seminars, onsite training and education programs to the long-term care industry for over twenty years. Our team of experts can tailor programs to the learning needs of your staff. You can also access select ite programs online in the comfort of your office or home at the time that is convenient for you, twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

A Key to Success - Be Ahead of the Wave

The Care Perspectives team believes one of the keys to success is to assist our clients to be out in front - ahead of the wave. In an environment of ever-changing regulations, competition for qualified staff, and declining revenue sources, facilities must find ways to cost-effectively access and share critical information.

We Provide "State-of-the-Art Information"

CPI education programs provide state-of-the-art information in an in an informative easy to use format. Onsite education programs provide critical content presented in a participatory interactive style, case studies taken from real life situations, hot tips that provide solutions to everyday problems that can be easily implemented, and multiple opportunities for staff to ask questions and interact with one another and the educator. Many programs are also available in an online format with links to other sources of information that allow users to expand their knowledge base.

Web Cast CE Programs

• Earn CE credits at work or at home
• Interact with presenters during live broadcasts
• Save time and money

You can participate as an individual or with a group of your peers in the comfort of your conference room for one low price. (Please note- In order to receive continuing education credits or in-service hours each person at your location must be a Member.)

Onsite and Web Based Mandatory In-service Education and CE Programs

• Let CPI staff train your staff
• Learn easily implemented work-setting lessons
• Access department-specific training programs
• Assure state-of-the-art information, available 24/7

Onsite programs are tailored to your needs and can be set up in advance for all shifts as needed. Easy to navigate web based programs make learning fun. These programs allow individuals the ability to work at their own pace. Members may take breaks and come back to the program at a later time to complete the content. Both facilities and individuals can access these programs and earn in-service hours and continuing education credits

In-service Education and CE Data Bank

• Track CE credits and In-service hours by viewing easy-access reports
• Confirm your regulatory posture: Are you in compliance?

Individual members and designated facility managers can easily access the data bank. Individual and aggregate reports can be easily accessed and are readily available at the touch of a button.