Care Perspectives, Inc.

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Care Perspectives, Inc.
1503 South Main Street
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
Phone: 908-859-8500
Fax: 908-859-5151

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Regulatory Compliance

Prevention is worth its weight in gold

Care Perspectives, Inc. will provide your facility with a combined package of training sessions and audits to assure you are ready for the revised survey process.  Packages are customized based on facility needs.  External review and staff education supplement facility activities and are vital to assure compliance.  With civil money penalties and stricter application and enforcement of regulations, your facility cannot afford to be without these services.


  • Questions surveyors ask Staff
  • What is your QI IQ?
  • Regulatory, Legal, and Reimbursement Documentation
  • Be Prepared - Off Hours Surveys
  • Investigative Protocols - Weight Loss, Dehydration, Pressure Ulcers
  • Preventing Abuse and Neglect
  • Meeting the Needs of the Cognitively Impaired


  • MOCK Surveys
  • Life Safety Reviews
  • Performance Improvement Activities based on QI reports
  • Chart audits based on QI reports
  • Customized Care Protocol Development
  • Policy and Procedure Revisions
  • Drug Reduction Programs