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Care Perspectives, Inc.
1503 South Main Street
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
Phone: 908-859-8500
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Long Term Management

Care Perspectives, Inc. is Recognized Statewide as Geriatric Experts

Care Perspectives, Inc. ( CPI ) is recognized statewide as geriatric experts specializing in long-term care management. CPI provides highly individualized and customized services to diverse long-term care facilities, including proprietary, non-profit and government-operated homes. Unlike other management companies, we provide services strictly to long term care entities that provide elder care services. Therefore, we bring unique qualifications and an intimate understanding of the needs of the elderly population to be served.

Our national and international experience in health policy provides a broad understanding of the entire health care system and allows us to position our clients within a changing milieu without losing sight of each individual facility’s mission. Thus, we are able to offer management services with the main goal to meet the biopsychosocial and spiritual needs of each individual while assuring them the opportunity to flourish and enjoy life. This total lifestyle approach creates a facility that is viewed as a center of excellence in long-term care in the community.

Our diverse resources, knowledge base and our proactive, rather than reactive, stance, enable us to position our clients for the future through the establishment and implementation of systems and programs based on cutting edge geriatric care principles. Empowering residents, families, and staff through management, education, and training, the hallmark of our services accomplish this proactive approach. Interdisciplinary primary care teams assure a holistic rather than fragmented operation. Inclusion of residents, families and staff in decision-making and monitoring activities fosters creativity, accountability, and ownership.

All programs and systems implemented contain an integrated training and quality-monitoring process to assure the achievement and maintenance of established performance thresholds on a consistent basis. Our Quality Care program integrates quality assurance, continuous quality improvement and total quality management principles. We base our programs on the premise that quality can be achieved only when everyone is involved equally in assessment, planning, implementation and continuous performance and outcome evaluation. We work very closely with owners, the management team, and staff to assure all of our ideas meet with the philosophical underpinnings, vision and value statements of ownership.

Facility Development Services

The CPI team has worked with investors, developers and owners throughout all phases of long-term care projects, including assisted living residences, nursing homes, and medical adult day care facilities. We provide complete turnkey services including: pre-construction planning, construction monitoring, pre-operational marketing, pre-licensure preparation, and final licensure management. Following licensure our team can provide both operational and financial management.

Operational Management

Our properties provide the highest quality of care and strive to assure all our residents experience total satisfaction during their residency. Residents of CPI managed properties enjoy living in residences that are well appointed, provide access to recreational activities that meet their interests, enjoy gracious dining and receive the highest quality of health care services while enjoying quality of life on a daily basis. Our residents view living at a CPI managed facility as an opportunity to grow and flourish.

CPI hires and trains high quality individuals to work in CPI managed properties. Each staff member becomes a member of the facility family of friends. Our staff views their role not only as an employee but also as a vital member of the community within each facility and the community outside the facility.

Owners and investors know their investment is well maintained and economically operated. The day-to-day worries are handled twenty-four hours a day seven days a week by our team of experts. CPI managed facilities consistently meet all local and state regulatory and life safety requirements.

Financial Management

As a result of many years of experience, we are able to evaluate financial operations and assist facilities to identify those areas of cost savings that can be safely implemented without jeopardizing resident quality of care or services. Our team manages proprietary as well as government facilities and has developed effective streamlined systems for financial management.

We have extensive experience working with state financing authorities and HUD insured properties. We have customized off the shelf software for use in both private and Medicaid billing. Our fully computerized systems allow us to track and trend data, perform fiscal and cost analyses, generate realistic revenue projections, and prepare monthly and annual operating reports with ease.

Our customers can select from either operational or financial management or both. Through the utilization of efficient operating procedures our team can provide your facility with management services for short periods of time or on a long-term basis.